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Our full-time accounting team tracks your financials and reports to you monthly through our secure, advanced and fully automated web-based accounting system. You can expect that our accounting team will handle all of the following and report to you on a monthly basis:

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    Rent collection and processing
  • 选择目录
    Payment of maintenance vendor bills
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    Payment of monthly items at request of owners (HOA, gardeners, pool service, etc.)
  • 选择目录
    Owner statement and direct deposit by ACH processing to your bank account by the 10th day of the month

On an annual basis, you will also receive the following:

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  • 选择目录
    Annual summary owner statement

All reports and tracking are further available at all times through the PURE Property 十大赌博信誉网站 客户端 Portal – just login and go!

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    Convenience and self service for review of all statements
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    下载所有者声明 & 收入报告.

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Being a landlord and managing property can be stressful. The most common questions we get from investors of rental properties about property management are “How do I get started leasing my property, 步骤是什么?, 以及它是如何工作的?” We help each one of our clients by making our San Diego County property management services as easy and well-understood as possible for them.

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We meet your specific requests through our two property management programs: long-term rental property management and vacation rental property management. Please call us to learn more about the great rates we offer San Diego investors.

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